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NEW VIDEO: MeccaGodZilla – ALL LOVE 【PV】ft: SHUX1 of Music&Strength, Ruby Red, @djtomoko, Mari Koda, Kojoe, Ucca-laugh, Lady L & more!

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For Immediate Release – December 12, 2012.

After a small hiatus, MeccaGodZilla, the ambassador to Tokyo, teams up with Music & Strength director SHUX1 in the new video titled “All Love.” All Love is the 1st single from MeccaGodZilla’s EP titled “Muteki” and will be released in 2013 by MANAFEST VISION MEDIA LLC.

The EP is produced entirely by the honorable Mrs. Beats of Japan, @djtomoko.

“I think some of the ‘edge’ of Brooklyn started to influence @djtomoko in a good way after she lived in NY for some time. I wanted to be a vehicle to let the world know she’s got skills and also push the envelope for myself with this international collaboration. It is a bonus that as a female producer her style and her sound is as hard hitting as many of the male producers in Hip Hop. We’re from 2 different places and worlds really, but once again, the drum by way of Hip Hop is the common bond we share. It’s an unconventional idea to do something like this, so I figured why not empower @djtomoko and make it happen.” – MeccaGodZilla

Directed by SHUX1 of Music & Strength Japan
Shot in Shibuya, Tokyo – Japan
Filmed by SHUX1 & Vybe 1
Produced by@djtomoko


SHUX1, Vybe 1, Mr. Kobayashi of JBS Bar, @djtomoko n Ucca-Laugh, Mari Koda (Rock Steady Crew / Step Up 3D), Ruby Red (Choreographer & TV host from Taiwan), Phoenix (B-boy), Lady L (Photography, Make Up artist & more), Kojoe (MC/Producer), Mai Yamz (Model & Musician), Daisha of ENTokyo (DJ/Entrepreneur), Chu Sei (Beatboxer), Epic (MC/Producer), Katsu (the Barber), Yu (Dancer), Kiseki (Kali specialist), Yuka (Dancer/Bgirl), Dani, Shiho, Kristy, Tomoko chan, Kim, Armani Exchange, Applebum, Positive NRG, Manhattan Records, ENTokyo, MUSIC&STRENGTH & MANAFEST VISION MEDIA LLC.

Coming Soon “Muteki” EP by MeccaGodZilla

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