Producer, artist, and entrepreneur MeccaGodZilla was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, New York. Although you may remember him as RAVAGE or RYU BLACK, MeccaGodZilla is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As one of the founding members of the Hip Hop Union G.A.ME (the Grassroots Artists MovEment) he revolutionized the music scene, and continues to do so today.

Currently MeccaGodZilla is the CEO of Manafest Vision Media LLC. During his decidedly high profile career, MeccaGodZilla has worked with world famous corporate clients when he produced the music and soundscape for NIKE AIR TROUPE’s Sneaker Battle website and performed for Armani Exchange Japan. He’s also collaborated with Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, Sick Team of Jazzy Sport Japan, and modeled for the Tokyo brand Applebum. As a recording artist, he received over 100,000 downloads for American Monsta: The Jay-Z American Gangster Remix Album. MeccaGodZilla also completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to create the “Hip Hopera” style album titled “PERFECT 天” the RYU BLACK Musical …a tribute to Street Fighter the video game by way of Capcom. Capcom currently features RYU BLACK’s song “Satsui No Hadou” on their 25th Anniversary Collectors set.

MeccaGodZilla owes his unique talents and abilities to hard work and dedication. He was also briefly mentored by m1 of Dead Prez and was once a part of the New York City super group The Monsta Island Czars. Each of these priceless opportunities has shaped MeccaGodZilla into the successful producer and entrepreneur that he’s become today.

While many record industry executives are in the business only for their own benefit, MeccaGodZilla loves to help others. He recently completed a kickstarter campaign for his debut musical that donates a portion of the proceeds to Ovarian Cancer Canada. He also helped created the Domo Arigato Fund that donates a portion of his album sales and live show profits to The Japan Society NYC to aid Tsunami victims in Japan.

MeccaGodZilla truly has a global vision and continues to work with artists from all different nations. He will continue to RAVAGE (Restore Artistic Vision And Growth Everywhere) with his uncanny ability to secure sponsorships and collaborate with artists and brands worldwide.

(photo courtesy of Lady L)

1998 – As a student at Hunter College, he got involved with the Hip Hop Advocates club, a student group based on making the world of hip hop a better place for the artists and fans.

2001 – Mecca helped conceptualize and found the Hip Hop Union in NYC known as The Grassroots Artists MovEment with the guidance of Omowale, assistanct from 4 students from Hunter and m1 of dead prez (record artist from Loud Records/SRC/Universal Music ).

2003 – Joins the underground hip hop group, The Monsta Island Czars

2003 – the “Hip-Hop for HealthCare” G.A.ME benefit concert and help launch the “Poetic HealthCare Plan Initiative.” –

2004 – Producer Debut on first Hip Hop release Rodan – Theophany: The Book Of Elevations through Day
By Day Entertainment. Mecca also did the album photography and cover illustration collaborating with (produced song 6 [War In Heaven Pt. I], 11 [War In Heaven Pt. II], & 14 [Human Inquisition])

2004 – Supervised Art Direction and provided Illustration for “Megalon – A Penny For Your Thoughts” Also credited as A&R

2004 – provided back cover illustration for “Raylong – Spazz Sessions”

2005 – Produced “Nada Como Antes” for Puerto Rican release “Agent 29 Tiempos Kietos”
– [Video] “Nada Como Antest”

2005 – Collaboration project with Backwoodz Studioz “SoundClash #1: MeccaGodZilla Vs. 007 (CD, Album). Half of the release is MCin and Production by MeccaGodZilla

2005 – A&R for “Hasan Salaam – Paradise Lost”

2005 – Graphic Design and Illustration for “Rockabye Presents – Landsharks” mixtape

2006 – Produced the song “Day By Day” via Hasan Salaam – Tales Of The Lost Tribe: Hidden Jewels

2006 – Featured as MC on “Triumphant” via “Majesty – Heir to the Thrown” mixtape

2006 – Appears as guest MC on the MF GRIMM American Hunger Triple CD/60 song album and helped create album art (Disc #1 song 12 [The Path], song #18 [M.I.C] | Disc #2 song #12 [Brand New])
– Graphic Design/CD Packaging

2007 – Assistant to CEO of Day By Day Entertainment. Responsible for selling CDs, contacting distribution companies and online promotions.

2007 – [Video] Masef Documentary – Nyama – West African Griot Tradition by Magee McIlvain Sol Production

2007 – Graphic Design/CD Packaging for “Bashton da Invizabul Mang – Tha Floods”

2007 – Produced the song “Mystery” via “G.A.ME – Point G.A.ME” album by the Grassroots Artists Movement (Disc #2 song 16 [Mystery] instrumental)

2007 – Featured on “DJ Chong Wizard – They Robot III Robots of Dawn” mixtape (song 3, 13).
– graphic design for Robots of Dawn web banners

2008 – Leaves the Monsta Island Czars crew and no longer works for Day By Day Ent.

2008 – Releases American Monsta Jay Z Remix album to date over 100,000 downloads worldwide

2008 – Releases Producer / Instrumental album titled MeccaGodZilla “Erroars”

2008 – Featured as producer on Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill’s solo album on “Tread” featuring Keen

2008 – Produced and Executive Produced the album “Shackles Off” by Kong.
– Graphic Design/CD Packaging

2008 – Featured as producer on Vordul Mega’s solo album Megagraphiti via “Learn” mixed by Mez

2008 – Featured as producer on Super Chron Flight Brothers, The* – Indonesia via “John Mccain Remix”

2009 – Artwork for Tommy Gunn [Megalon] – The Nickel Bag Album

2011 – MC/Produced/Executive Produced Ryu Black – Perfect 天: The Ryu Black Musical (CD, Album) featuring art by Ron Wimberly

2011 – Guest Appearance on Jazzysport album “Sick Team – Sick Team” (song #6 Tokyo Driftin)

2011 – Guest Appearance on “Ish One – JP State of Mind Volume 4” (song #12 Road to Riches – Kojoe feat Cavalier & MeccaGodZilla)

**Artist Collaborations**
Megalon, Rodan, Kong, Spiega, Mez, Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, Majesty, Hasan Salaam, Vordul Mega, Billy Woods, Masia One, DJ Sarasa, DJ Tomoko, Ucca-laugh, Dashah, Krohme, Hiden Beatz, Budamunky, S.L.A.C.K, Issugi, Ron Wimberly and more!