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DOWNLOAD: Timmonsville Summer 1995 by MeccaGodZilla

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Brand new instrumental by MeccaGodZilla that features on the RichSonz Inc album Man Vs. Machine Vol 1. The Instrumentals produced by Politic516.

“Have you ever experienced what summer is like in 1 of those tiny little towns in “the South” …you know the ones with 1 stop light??? haha

Well I did back in August 1995 and the experience was life changing and humbling! The following is “Timmonsville Summer 1995”, an instrumental that is dedicated to the summer I spent in South Carolina with my best friend Kahlil and his family. “Timmonsville Summer 1995” is an instrumental I created on piano and is featured on the brand new RichSonz Inc. album called “Man Vs. Machine” produced by Politic516. Kahlil, Politic516 and RichSonz are all my friends from High School so it is great to create something with them in mind.” – MeccaGodZilla



Man Vs. Machine Vol 1. The Instrumentals by way of RichSonz Inc.
Visit here for more info: http://richsonz.com/2012/08/28/manvsmachinevol1/

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