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Tigarah e Laura – This World Is My Playground

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Tigarah e Laura
This World Is My Playground


After years of touring the world (notably the USA & Brazil) and creating feature songs for EA Sports’ FIFA and Need For Speed, Tigarah returns to Tokyo to release her newest album “This World Is My Playground.”

On the new album the multi-talented MC / songwriter splits her style into 2 characters to show off the angelic & demonic side of being a musician. She takes on the new moniker “Tigarah e Laura” which are twin sisters personified by manga style anime! The sister Laura represents the “good girl”with a more traditional approach to J-pop music while her “bad girl” alter ego Tigarah pushes the limits of the songwriting process with a raw, darker style (By the way, Tigarah really has a twin sister living in Brazil!) .

Backed by Universal Music and Amuse Japan, the “Tigarah e Laura” project is a mash up of the fashion, dance and music worlds to bring to you something fun, unique and a little bit crazy….



About Tigarah:

Tigarah is a Japanese rapper whose music contains elements of Hip-Hop, J Pop, Grime, Baile funk, Miami Bass, Baltimore Club and Glitch Hop. The multifaceted MC has the ability to rap/ sing in English, Japanese and French.

After recording her first seven songs with MR.D, Tigarah generated a tremendous buzz on Myspace. Within months, she received press attention from Blender Magazine(U.S), URB(U.S), “XLR8R”,(U.S) “Dazed & Confused”(UK/Japan) and the Los Angeles Times(U.S), BPM(U.S), Rolling Stones(AUS), Folha de S.Paulo(Brazil), Sonic(Sweden, cover), NPR radio(U.S).

The media praise allowed for Tigarah to open new doors in the entertainment world. While licensing songs to TV dramas and programs in the U.S. (notably the L Word, “Numb3rs”, FIFA World Cup, & the NFL), she also collaborated with video game powerhouse EA Sports to feature on Need For Speed: Carbon, FIFA 07, FIFA 08 and Breakers. Additionally, after featuring on G4TV’s “FreeStyle 10,” Tigarah licensed her songs to Mobizzo for their mobile ringtone service’s commercials.

A true international artist, Tigarah lived in the USA, France, Brazil and eventually went back to her native Japan to release her EP, “TIGARAH!” and her first album, “The Funkeira Goes BANG!” in 2009. She was also afforded the opportunity to collaborate with the British rock band Keane for their EP Night Train. With momentum in her favor, she also made a cover song of “You’ve Got to Help Yourself for the Japanese band YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra)’s EP that was released worldwide in May 2010.

When she was living in Paris, she did some collaboration with French DJ/producer, Missill, and Lazy Flow, also with an Italian band Fake Plastic Trees. In 2012, Tigarah released her first mixtape “”Moshi Moshi Bomb” in 2012 and in 2015, she releases her new album “This World Is My Playground” with the new moniker “Tigarah e Laura.”



Music Videos

Spunky Afro Tiger Jet:

Funky Wonderland

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