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NEW♫♬ : L.E.O. “Be True” ft MeccaGodZilla

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Enjoy this new single by L.E.O. & Seth Silensir featuring MeccaGodZilla.
This song features on Live From Maple Park Side A- dropping for free download on 3/21/15 on Bandcamp! Visit this link for more info and of course for now.. ENJOY..!

Produced by Silensir
Mixed by J-Zone
Recorded at The Fallout Shelter

I wake up to Perfection
And make Love to desire 1
And Aspire to be Righteous
Even when This body transpires 2
Shared a lot Of gifts on my plate 3
And these grape ape Niggas
ate the whole Damn cake 4
Fucking greedy I respect the needy
And give what I can 5
Just don’t deceive me 48 law power niggas
I ain’t Stevie 6
I’m quick To cut a nigga off
Like a parasite twin 7
And embrace my gift 8
My life is more Precious then
The breathe of life Itself 9
Which means its deeper Than
thoughts and cells nigga Don’t insult my health 10
I refuse to smack Fire outta frail minds 11
And Any thought of Me cheating niggas
Is a Braille lie 12
These jerks hate on Me cuz they failed–
at life’s cycle 13
No need to be Like mike
When my birth name Is Michael 14
When the clock stops ticking
and the earth stops spinning 15
I look back on existence
Virtue is how I lived it 16

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