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MeccaGodZilla meets David Blaine. And Yes He’s The TRUTH!

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NO! B.S.
MeccaGodZilla said the experience with David Blaine. SERIOUSLY. WAS CRAZY!!!
We still don’t understand how it was physically possible. For him to do. What he did. Mind you… MeccaGodZilla went to college for electrical he’s really up on my ‘math’ and ‘physics…BUT we still don’t understand how!

Watch the Video Here!!!! [You’ll see me at time code 38:11 !!! ]

WWatch the Footage of The ABC TV special of David Blaine’s Real or Magic features, Will & Jada Smith, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Harrison Ford, Woody Allen and tons more!

Watch the Video Here!!!! [You’ll see MeccaGodZilla after about 15 seconds…]

David Blaine & Kanye West…THIS WAS A CRAZY ONE! WATCH NOW!

David Blaine w/ Katy Perry… she makes me smile. WATCH THIS

David Blaine & Woody Allen.

David Blaine w/ Will Smith, Jada and family. DIGITAL MAGIC..NO BS! WATCH !

David Blaine is awesome. Follow him!
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