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MeccaGodZilla Guest Hosts TK in the AM from Caribbean Flatbush Brooklyn!

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We are proud that MeccaGodZilla was able to be a part of an incredibly self sufficient network of Brooklyn and Bronx artists, who teamed up to create which is a network of great programming and a tool to promote each other.

On Friday May 2nd, 2013… Tasty Keish [TK] was still on the road. So Guest co-host MeccaGodZilla sat in with Conscious and Intern to talk about career, Tim Tebow, Chris “Daddy Mac” Kelly, health issues, Roswell, Aliens, Jason Collins in the NBA, the importance of artists handing their paperwork and more! The bonus was TK gave an update from the Grand Canyon about her travels to the infamous Roswell New Mexico. Whoa!

So who are Tasty Keish and Conscious?


Articulation is futile. They helped the NY underground scene stay alive for years with their A Monthly Bondfire @ The Bowery Poetry Club. Both very giving, focused and driven artists, Tasty Keish is a media personality, voice over actress and entrepreneur, and Conscious is a visionary, MC, poet, Singer, producer and entrepreneur. Make sure you click the links to find out more about them!

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