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/ June 13, 2012 11:03 PM


PERFECT 天 – The RYU BLACK Musical CD Release Date: 05/17/2011 PURCHASE: Physical CD | Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp Indie Hiphop meets gamer culture as (artist/producer) MeccaGodzilla unveils alter ego “RYU BLACK”, protagonist of his current release PERFECT 天 (ten/ heaven); a homage to Capcom’s classic fighting game “Street Fighter” which recently celebrated it’s 25th year anniversary in March. [&hellip

/ June 13, 2012 10:47 PM

Mike Marvelous – Jaysage & MeccaGod CD

Mike Marvelous – Jaysage & MeccaGodZilla (*Mike Marvelousーマイケルジャクソンに捧ぐー) Release Date: 07/10/2009 Buy & Free Download Links: Physical CD | Bandcamp | Mininova Mike Marvelous by RAVAGE & Jaysage

/ June 13, 2012 9:41 PM

MeccaGodZilla – ERROARS CD

MeccaGodZilla – ERROARS Release Date: 11/11/2008 PURCHASE: Physical CD | CD @UGHH.COM | Amazon | iTunes After numerous guest appearances on albums like MF Grimm’s American Hunger, Vordul Mega’s Megagraphitti, and executive producing Kong’s solo debut Shackles Off, RAVAGE the MeccaGodzilla of NY Tributary is releasing his first solo album titled ERROARS. ERROARS is an instrumental release that takes listeners [&hellip

/ June 13, 2012 9:11 PM

MeccaGodZilla – American Monsta CD

AMERICAN MONSTA: THE JAY-Z AMERICAN GANGSTER REMIX ALBUM BY MECCAGODZILLA Release Date: 01/2008 PURCHASE or DOWNLOAD: Physical CD | Bandcamp | Mininova To date, American Monsta has received over 150,000 downloads via and The remix of “Ignorant” was also featured as a Top 10 single in the UK Magazine called Hip Hop Connection. American Monsta: the American Gangster [&hellip