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SPY CLASS – OPERATION OTMA The Video Game feat MeccaGodZilla

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MeccaGodZilla creates music for brand new video game Spy Class – Operation OTMA!


In this case, the spies are sent to track down the world’s most dangerous hacker, known only as ‘The Hatter’. Their search for the Hatter takes them from an underground ‘Hacktivist’ club known as Wonderland to a prison in Far East Russia, and finally to Moscow itself, where they will learn the truth behind the Hatter’s recent actions.
Along the way, our protagonists’ skills and resolve will be tested at as they face many challenges and obstacles.


  • Training module
  • 18 missions
  • Designed for students in year 7 (12-13 year olds);
  • Covers the following topics in detail: Numeracy; Positive Integers; Indices and Primes; Rational Numbers; Geometry; Decimals; Percentages; Algebra; Measurement; Probability; Problem Solving I; Positive and Negative Integers; Linear Equations; Representing and Interpreting Data; Coordinates and the Cartesian Plane; Transformations; Views of 3D Shapes; Money; Problem Solving II.


FOR MORE INFO VISIT: www.spyclass.com.au

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