Ever the traveller, DJ oMMM was born in the “Mids”of Tokyo. She was raised in Hawaii, eventually taking her talent to LA and NYC but not without traveling back to her motherland, Tokyo.

Although her heart was stolen by HIPHOP at age 9, DJ oMMM has loved music since birth. Her parents, both being big record collectors attributed to seasoning her curiousity, thus her understanding of a wide array of musical genres. Raised on roots Reggae, oMMM carries a love for the origin of Acoustics, Blues, BossaNova, Electro, Jazz, Soul and R&B. This love for music took her to a new level of talent as a Disc Jockey.

As an international Music Selecta, DJ oMMM digs continuously through the spellbinding sounds from Japan, Africa, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden to fine tune her comprehension of music. Scratching has become her unrelenting pursuit, as she currently defines her style while training to become a stronger turntablist with future plans to enter DMC competition.

The name DJ oMMM, abstracted from her real last name by close friend MeccaGodZilla, represents “ॐ (Aum/OM)” which is, in a nutshell, the divine sound of the Universe. The OM is a matrix of all sounds in human language and music and DJ oMMM aspires to represent that sound.

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In her own words:

“We’re not born of talent, we create talent.
Practice and you’ll see.
Results will be your Talent.
In the process, never question thy Self. Follow exactly where your heart leads ” – DJ oMMM

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Lasting Achievements Stand Tall

Bio by Jasiri Mshairi & MeccaGodZilla